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Welcome to the World Wide Web version of my sportsmans photo album. As many of you know, whenever sportsmen get together for more than five minutes, the conversation always turns toward our field adventures. Some of them are even true, some are ... well, maybe telling them often enough will make them true. Of course it is in extremely poor taste to suggest that any of the stories are less than absolutely honest, and never ask to see photographs. If any exist they will certainly be mentioned.

Well you're in luck, because this sportsmans photographs are online for all to see. Please feel free to browse thru my album. These are some ,but not all of my outdoors treks over the last 30 years. You will also find photographs of some of my companions accomplishments as well. All hold fond memories for me, and I hope as you view them you can share in my adventures.

As serious sportsmen know, our rights to pursue our chosen sport are under constant attack. If you enjoy hunting, fishing, recreational shooting, or just respect the rights of others to do so, I encourage you to help in the fight by joining and supporting the National Rifle Association. I know of no better way to preserve our freedom.

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