Wild Pig

San Miguel, California, 2008



In May of 2008 we once again hunted the Works Ranch in San Miguel with guide Bert Claassen and his assistant guide, Mike.   We didn't get very good photo's this trip.  Bert always seems to be in such a hurry that photo's get forgotten until we are out of the field.  I'm going to have to speak with him about that because it pisses me off.  It only takes 5 minutes for pictures to be taken, and he needs to give his customers a chance to capture their memories.

Anyway, enough ranting on that.  We were 5 hunters in our party.   The pigs were smaller than in past years.  My blonde pig weighed in at about 175 lbs, and the rest were somewhat smaller than that.  Ron's pig is shown along with mine in the second photo, his is the black one, and it weighed in just a little smaller.   The other 3 were quite a bit smaller than these.

The last photo shows the hunting truck that guide Mike owns.  He gets lots of looks driving that thing through town.  Shown are hunting partners Chris, Ron, Steve, and not shown is Jeff and myself.  We all got our pigs by the end of the day on Saturday.

My Pig

Ron's and My Pigs

Guide Mike's Truck