Wild Pig

Shandon, California, 2014

In 2014 our Wild Pig hunt was with Bitterwater Outfitters. Due to scheduling problems our options were limited for ground to hunt, so we decided to give Bitterwater Outfitters another shot. At the end of the hunt, we all agreed that the style of hunting at Bitterwater Outfitters is not to our liking, so without going into all our negative opinions, I will just share a few photos of the outfit. Out of our 4 hunters, 2 of us were successful. Everyone got some shooting in, but the shots were all difficult and bordering on unsportsmanlike. I think I was the only one who got a shot at a standing pig, and I put it down on the first evening. No photos were possible. We can add that to the list of things we didn't like about the hunt.

In spite of all that, I have to say the hunt headquarters is outstanding. The equipment and buildings make for a very enjoyable time between periods in the field. The photos below will highlight the headquarters area. The headquarters are on the Grant Ranch, and Bitterwater Outfitters is operated by Clayton Grant. But they contract with several ranches in the area, so there are many thousands of acres of land available to hunt.



The photo above shows the overall view of the hunting headquarters. This is a working ranch, and this shot was taken from the horse corral area. I had fun making friends with the horses.

Above is the hunting office, and includes a nicely put together trophy room. A tack and equipment shed is on the left. Someone spends time keeping the grounds well groomed and landscaped. It is a very attractive compound.

Above is a well equipped patio for the hunters to enjoy. There are BBQ's, and a sink for cleaning and food prep with hot water! An ice maker! Benches and seating, and even a wood burning pot belly stove with plenty of firewood available. Plenty of space to pitch tents if you wish, but that is my fifthwheel trailer parked there. An electrical connection was provided for our RV's. You couldn't ask for more comfort than we had here. The walk-in refer is on the far right, where your game will be hung for cooling.

Looking out from the patio area toward the horse corrals, you can see the rolling hills. We are in the midst of a drought, and the brown hills show it. The Grant Ranch (the name of the ranch) is blessed with plenty of spring water year round, so there is no shortage of water at the headquarters. But the drought has hurt game populations across the region. Ponds stocked with fish are available for guests between hunts.

Hunters are provided with a very nice range and bench for test firing their rifles. Above, my hunt buddies are busy sighting in before the hunt. The guides at Bitterwater Outfitters insist that everyone shoots across the bench before hitting the field.

Looking down range you can see the targets, and if you have a keen eye you can see a pig standing in the field, just to the right of the bench post. That is actually suspended from a cable and has a remote control. The pig will "run" across in front of you at approximately the same ground speed as a running pig. You can brush up on your running game shooting. And be advised, if you hunt with Bitterwater Outfitters, you will be expected to make your shots on running game. That's the game they play here!