Woodworking Bench

My woodworking bench is shop built, as they should always be.  The design is not particularly traditional, but very functional.  The top is constructed of hard Maple salvaged from culled bowling alley lane.  The lane was fully pulled apart down to the raw strips of Maple.  These strips were then cleaned of all nails, yes bowling alleys are nailed together, then the strips were jointed and thickness planed.  A lane which was 8' long and over 30" wide yielded enough material to make this top which is 22" wide, meaning a lot of milling is involved.  A bowling alley is fine for bowling, but the joinery is not suitable for using directly as a bench.
The bench is 2-1/4" thick across the field, and 22" wide x 72" long.   There is a 4" thick apron around the entire top, which did not come from the bowling alley.  There are dog holes in the top and along one apron.  The dog holes are 3/4" diameter on 6" centers and align with the end vise dog.  I make my own dogs as needed.  The trestle style legs are of 16/4 Alder
My end vise is a Grizzly Imports 9" x 12".  The vise is very smooth and a good value.  The vise is inletted into the end apron and has replaceable wooden jaws.  My bench was designed for a second vise mounted on the side, but I just never got around to getting another.  I haven't really missed it so I probably never will.