Woodworking Bench

My shop cabinets are constructed of 3/4" Melamine, with raised panel doors of MDF.  The doors are painted in a color that closely matches the Melamine.  The countertops are constructed of 3/4" shop plywood, laminated to 3/4" MDF, and laminated with 1/4" tempered hardwood.  This build up provides a base that is very stable and the hardwood tops add much better durability than would plain MDF.   This is all shop built.
The cabinets store all the usual woodworking possibles, hand power tools and the like.  
This corner work area, I like to call it a hutch, is convenient for working on sketches, working on small projects, or just killing time reading my favorite magazines.   My stereo resides on the top shelf, hopefully avoiding the worst of the dust.