Air Compressor and Shop Vac

You just ain't got a shop without compressed air.  It is so useful for so many tasks.  Mine is nothing special, just a small Craftsman.  I've had it for over 15 years and it has never failed me yet.  It is just large enough to use spray equipment.  It has an oil bathed crankcase.
I just unroll hose when I need it.  A future project will be to run some fixed lines around the shop with drops at some of the workstations. 
Even though I have a dust collection system, a shop vacuum is still very useful.  I use this Fein Mini-Turbo.  It is reasonably quiet and really sucks.   I connect it to my random orbital sander to control sanding dust.  In addition to dust control, using a vacuum with your sander increases the efficiency of your sander by keeping clean contact between sandpaper and workpiece.  Your sandpaper may also last longer with less loading.  I use this vac on my oscillating spindle sander as well, and of course for cleaning up around the shop and projects in the home.