Cutting Boards

These little cutting boards or bread boards get plenty of use around our home.  And they make great gifts.  Very inexpensive for materials, and don't take a lot of time to whip out a bunch.
The process is simple to follow.  First make a template for whatever shape of board you like.  You can go with any dimensions you like.  These are about 6" wide by 13" long, with a handle shape that I like the feel of.  If you want a longer board for bagettes, just change the dimensions.  Your template can be out of tempered hardboard or plywood.  Take your time getting a nice shape and smooth edges on your template.  Then glue up layers of hardwood.  Scraps are especially useful here, but I never have enough so I buy lumber if need be.  Maple is a good choice and traditional for cutting boards.  I like a little accent with some walnut like these pictured.  Glue up the strips, run them through a planer or sander to smooth it all out.  A finished thickness of around 5/8" to 3/4" feels good in the hand.  Working with stock lengths that will yield 2 or more cutting boards each makes thing go faster.

I like to just oil the boards with mineral oil for a nice sheen to your gifts.  You can buy salad bowl dressings if you prefer a more durable finish.