Dressing Mirror

Below are pictures of my Dressing Mirror project. This piece is designed to sit on a dressing table, or as I use it, on top of a chest of drawers. I got tired of trying to comb my hair while looking over my wifes shoulder in front of our bedroom dresser, and while browsing a local antique shop for project ideas I came across a mirror something like this. I snapped a quick photo and later designed my version.
The piece is about 18" wide at the base and 8" deep. The mirror is 15" square. It is built of Black Walnut. The knobs were turned from the same stock. The mirror frame rotates to adjust the viewing angle.
This is a front-on view, and that is me and my Olympus C-700 capturing the moment. Nice digital camera model if you happen to be shopping.
Below is a closer view of the construction details. The top is joined to the sides with through dovetails. The bottom shelf, the drawer dividers, and the mirror uprights are all joined using sliding dovetails.