Entry Mail Sorter

I designed this piece to fill a need around our home.  With the steady stream of incoming and outgoing mail that we all seem to contend with, the entry to our home seemed to constantly have pieces of mail waiting for something to happen.  This Mail Sorter is stationed at our front door and helps keep our mail organized.

After purchasing a scrollsaw some time ago, I never really found a reason to use it much.  It is a 14" Hegner, a pretty nice scrollsaw, but kind of orphaned around my shop.  Well this piece allowed me to give the saw a good workout while I learned a thing or two about scrolling.  I'm very pleased with the result.

The Mail Sorter is constructed of 1/4" Mahogany.  The stock was resawn from 4/4 stock left over from a previous project.  The finish is Minwax Tungoil.  The design of the piece is my own, but I used bits and pieces of fretwork patterns from a Patrick Spielman book, and arranged them to my own liking.