Mirrored Necklace Cabinet

I've built two of these jewelry cabinets, one for my wife some years ago, and I just completed a second for my daughter. I don't often build the same thing twice. If you space them out by a decade like I did these, you get to learn the process all over a second time and that keeps it interesting. This time I snapped a few photos to share.

The material is Red Oak, finished with Watco Golden Oak Danish Oil. The hinges are European style half overlay, which were very inexpensive from Grizzly Tools. The cabinet hangs on the wall using french cleats, one at the top and one in the center, and that is a very secure method for hanging heavy cases. The cabinet can be inverted so the door swings to the opposite side, and the interior insert can be removed with a few screws and flipped so that it is again oriented correctly.

This first photo is actually of my wifes 10 year old cabinet. The red oak has aged nicely over time. The remaining photos are of the most recent cabinet.

The interior of the cabinet is covered with felt, and shaker pegs provide storage for necklaces. The felt covered panel is removable and can be flipped so that the first row of pegs will be at the top. The pieces wrapped with blue tape are the french cleats which would be mounted to the wall.

Below you can see a little more detail of the interior.

The case is built up from five moulding profiles, which I produced on my router table. The door joints are reinforced with biscuit joints, and the carcase is reinforced with dowels at each corner. You can see some of the details below.
And below are a few shots of the project in progress.