Outfeed Table for Tablesaw

An Outfeed Table is an important accessory for the tablesaw.  It adds support for workpieces, especially for large sheet work.  A well proportioned outfeed table allows even a single operator to handle a full sheet of sheet stock safely.  In reality the outfeed table adds a safety factor to all ripping cuts on the tablesaw.   No more reaching around the spinning blade to retrieve a workpiece.  No more uncontrolled dropping of workpieces as they are pushed through the blade.  With an outfeed table the workpiece can be pushed completely past the blade while fully supported.

The problem with outfeed tables is the shop floor space required.  They take up a lot of space and it is always a compromise between space and size.  I designed my table with a stationary section, which is attached to the saw, and a folding section that can be lifted when needed for long stock.

The Outfeed Table is made from 3/4" white melamine, my preferred material for sleds and extension tables.  The cabinet is built from maple shaded melamine left over from my shop cabinets construction.

I have my Unisaw positioned just inside the doorway so I can close the door without moving the saw.  The folding portion is used only when the door is open.  The Unisaw and the Outfeed Table are on casters and when needed the whole unit could be rolled out onto the driveway.
The Outfeed Table is 36" wide.  The stationary portion of the table is 20" long and the folding leaf is another 30" long.  This is just enough to support more than 50% of an 8' sheet.  The Outfeed Table attaches to the Unisaw with two knobs and is easily detached for moving or sweeping.  The two hand holes are for reaching the table support release mechanisms.
This is a view from the business end and shows the miter slot extensions which must be provided to clear the runners on sleds and miter gauges.