Dewalt 12.5" Thickness Planer

My thickness planer is a Dewalt model 733.  It is an adequate machine, although it has been surpassed now by new models by Dewalt and Delta.  It suits my needs for now however and I have been pleased with its performance.  The planer rolls back against a wall when not in use.
I built this stand for the planer.  I have found that I like my planer to sit up high.  This stand places the workpiece at about breast level.  If I were frequently thicknessing a lot of long heavy stock this would not be my choice.  But for working with stock that has been crosscut to length I like this elevation.  I can cycle stacks of stock through the machine quickly and this works for me.  The drawer in the stand keeps spare knives and the like.
Shop dog Samantha seems comfortable.