T-Square Tablesaw Fence

Biesmeyer Clone

The Biesmeyer tablesaw fence is a great upgrade to your contractors tablesaw, or any saw for that matter. They don't give them away however, and they really are an extremely simple design. Since I come from a metal working background, (and I'm cheap), I decided to build my own. This is not a how-to page, I'm just showing off my work.

Grizzly model 1022 with my own rolling base cabinet. Note the storage compartments in the front and both ends.

This is my tablesaw. It's a Grizzly model 1022 contractors model. It's a few years old, has performed flawlessly, and I recommend it to anyone looking for value. At that time it was only available with a lousy fence, like millions of other contractors saws. Grizzly now offers a choice of fences including the Biesmeyer.
I didn't take this hoser long to figure out that we needed a new fence. Here is the drivers eye view of my homemade Biesmeyer clone. You can see the simple contruction, if you can weld, you can build one.
The clamping mechanism is simply a piece of round stock with a pivot hole drilled off center. Bies' now uses a cast clamp and handle, but earlier models were very much like this. The handle is a 5/16" bolt welded to the pivot and a knob screwed in place. You can see the bolts which attach the UHMW wear pads on the underside. The squaring system is identical to the Bies' as well.
The one thing that I could not duplicate is the magnifying lens on the scale. I used a piece of lexan plastic, scribed a line and filled it with black marker ink. It doesn't magnify, but the black line against the white scale is extremely accurate.
If you have some basic metal working skills and access to a welder, you can easily build your own T-square fence. Spend a few minutes at a local dealer looking over the Biesmeyer and you'll have a good idea of how to build it. If welding is not for you, then by all means buy a Biesmeyer. It's a great fence!